Our principles drive our behavior.



A satisfied and loyal customer base is core to our business.

We are commited to :

  • Delivering consistent and reliable levels of customer service
  • Acting with integrity, due care and diligence
  • Communicating openly, honestly and with sensitivity and understanding
  • Listening to our customers
  • Handling complaints fairly and promptly
  • Respecting our customers’ rights to privacy and confidentiality
  • Protecting our customers and our business from fraud


Motivated and skilled employees are critical to our success.

We are commited to :

  • Fostering a positive and challenging high performance culture
  • Rewarding superior performance
  • Encouraging personal development
  • Encouraging a culture of frank and honest communication
  • Encouraging teamwork and strong leadership
  • Providing a safe and secure working environment
  • Encouraging diversity and equal opportunities
  • Ensuring that grievances and unethical behaviour can be raised without fear of discrimination


In return we expect our employees to:

  • Act with integrity
  • Take responsibility and accountability for their own actions
  • Show support and commitment for change
  • Focus their energy in getting the best from themselves and others
  • Have the confidence and courage to act with conviction
  • Show understanding for and meet external and internal customer needs
  • Show a relentless desire for success
  • Create positive and effective working relationships


We demand high standards from the companies we work with and believe that they should expect the same from us.

We are commited to :

  • Carrying out our business with fairness and integrity
  • Being reliable and quick to respond
  • Awarding contracts and selecting business partners solely on the basis of fair and objective business criteria and having regard to high ethical standards
  • Behaving ethically with the giving and receiving of corporate hospitality and gifts
  • Respecting all obligations on confidentiality
  • Protecting our customers and our business from fraud


We have an open, cooperative and transparent relationship with our regulators.

We are commited to :

  • Dealing with our regulators in an open, cooperative and transparent manner
  • Managing our business with appropriate standards of risk management and controls
  • Preventing and reporting any instances of significant financial crime
  • Preventing breaches of relevant regulatory requirements


We are committed to fulfilling the aspirations of our shareholders through a commitment to business performance, and high standards of transparency, communication and corporate governance.

We are commited to :

  • A culture of business performance, focused on delivering returns to shareholders
  • Comprehensive and transparent disclosure
  • Aiding shareholder understanding through the disclosure of relevant non-financial information
  • Listening to the views of our shareholders
  • Managing our business with appropriate standards of risk and control
  • Ensuring due care in the selection of our third party advisers, including our auditors
  • Preventing and reporting any market abuse